Artisans, growers and producers from the region meet at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market each Saturday to provide visitors and locals with a unique and affordable food shopping experience. The Market is a community ran and managed, not-for-profit business that provides local employment and supports sustainable farming. Join us this weekend - start the day with a hearty breakfast and then take a look at the region's finest goods and produce.
The Barossa Valley in one direction, the Adelaide Hills in the other, and just a short drive from the Murray lands, Mount Pleasant enjoys the best of many worlds.

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And in other news… I’ve heard that pidgeots and other exciting Pokemon lurk in the car park amongst gyms and pokestops. Actually caught a high..

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Bloomin' Beautiful

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Mount Pleasant Farmers Market Inc South Australia

Community group will be on the gates this week. Funds raised will assist them and also help to cover the running..

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Croftwood Grove

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Croftwood Grove: NEW, NEW, NEW! We are very excited! We have a new product – apple cider vinegar and pear cider vinegar! It has taken a few months..

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