Homestead Lovers

Joy White grew up in the North West of Western Australia and even though she had a passion for experimental cooking from an early age, fresh ingredients were never an option with most produce arriving by freezer truck after an 1800km journey.
So when she moved to South Australia around 4 years ago she fell in love with the abundance of fresh produce available.
Meeting new friends who generously gave her excess fresh fruit and vegetables from their gardens and even growing some herself, she found that she would end up with a lot of wastage especially that it is just Joy and her partner she was feeding, she came up with ways to naturally preserve products and even using 95% of the product eliminating wastage.
So she started using the worlds oldest food preserving method, dehydration, then began to experiment with ways to put her dehydrated goodies into meals, snacks, condiments and use in food, beauty and other practical recipes.
The best things about her dehydrated and powdered products is not only eliminating wastage by preserving excess crops but off season food is available all year round and it contains zero additives or preservatives.
Joy has a wealth of knowledge on recipes and uses for her products and is committed to using fresh produce from the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market and other fresh produce providers in the Murraylands and Barossa.

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