Become a Stallholder

Keen to show the world your produce at the Farmers Market? Have a look at the following.

Have a read of the Stallholder Rules & Responsibilities, and then please complete the appropriate following form:


primary-producerAre you a primary producer? (What does that mean?)

  • You grow or produce a specific product;
  •  Sheep, Cattle, goats etc for meat
  •  Wheat, barley, oats etc
  •  Fruit and vegetables

If yes to those, then complete the following application:

Primary Producer Stallholder Application Form_MPFM




Or perhaps you’re a Value Add? (What does that mean?)

  • You enhance a specific product before selling to a consumer or customer.
  • You don’t necessarily grow a product, but you’re the one that enhances it and it’s of predominantly South Australian origins.
  • You purchase or grow raw produce and ingredients to make other products to sell (Cakes & bread, jams, wine, pickles, olive oil, cheese etc)

If yes to those, then complete the following application:

Value Added Stallholder Application Form_MPFM


Please scan, post or fax this form to or Mount Pleasant Farmers Market, 132 Melrose St, Mount Pleasant 5235 or fax  08 8568 2699.