Bev’s Plants – Beautiful & Useful


Bev’s Plants sells rare and interesting plants, old medicinal and culinary herbs, dye plants, unusual vegetables and fruiting plants. We have perfume plants such as old-fashioned freesias, daphne, lilac and hoop-petticoat daffodils, and multi-purpose plants such as the old violet varieties which are edible as well as scented and pretty. We sell cottage-garden flower bunches, herb bunches and various rare vegetables such as sea kale and alexanders, also unusual fruits in their season. These can include Jerusalem artichokes, damsons and prune plums, sloes, aronia berries, quinces (Smyrna, Chinese andJapanese), Meyer lemons, old-fashioned cooking peaches, fruit from an old German sultanacultivar, unusual apple varieties such Golden Harvey, Huonville Crab, Summer Strawberry and Cox's Orange Pippin. We also have edible rosehips for making your own syrups, wine, jellies and rosehip tea. A large range of succulents are available, including Echeveria, Sedum, Cotyledon, Aloe and Agave species, as well as Australian native food plants such as various native mints, Prostanthera, muntries, silver daisy, saltbush species and cumbungi. I also sell hardy cottage-garden plants, and a variety of decorative and edible water plants. If customers are seeking particular rare plants we can either obtain them or track down possible sources. My own background is in botany and geology, with many years spent lecturing in medical botany. I am an enthusiastic cook and perfumer, and enjoy growing food and perfume plants.