Bloomin Beautiful

Bloomin Beautiful is based in Mount Torrens which has ideal growing climate and soils for Australia native flowers (as well as some South African natives thrown in!).

Local girl and stallholder Merilyn Schneider picks from a bushland that is spread over 20 acres.

The planation is over 25 years old and has a great range which Merilyn incorporates into her beautiful arrangements.

The love of flowers has kept Merilyn arranging them for the past 30 years. Merilyn, certainly have one of the most attractive stalls at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market.

The diverse range of natives include Geraldton Wax, Bottlebrush, Ti-tree, Dryandra, Leucadondron, Thryptomene, Argentum, Proteas and Wattle. Clients can pre-order with Merilyn if floral arrangement is wanted for the following week.

Merilyn is at the market weekly from May through to late November.


Phone: 0423644171