Bonney Flat Pastured Raised Poultry

Bonney Flat Pastured Raised Poultry

We are a farming family living near Birdwood producing pasture raised poultry. We started out growing meat birds

Our chickens are raised on pasture in mobile shelters and moved daily onto fresh grass.  They spend the first 3 – 4 weeks in a brooder and are then moved pasture once external heat is no longer required. In these shelters they are able to get fresh air, sunshine, exercise and forage for green grass and insects to supplement their grain-based diet, while having protection from predators and unfavourable weather.   The chickens are grown on chemical free pastures and fed a chemical and antibiotic free diet.  The daily moves and subsequent fertilisation of the pasture also helps to improve the soil health on our farm

Pasture raised chickens grow more slowly than those in sheds as they are able to exercise more and spend more time foraging.  Approximately 20% of their diet can be obtained from grass and insects but as they are omnivores, still require a grain based diet.   The result of this slower growth and access to pasture is a healthier bird and a better tasting product.

For any enquiries you can contact Kerrie on 0417855968 or email  Or on Face Book “Bonney Flat Farm”

for our own family as a way to eat healthier, more nutritious, ethically raised chicken.