Bread+Butter ADL

Kane and I had always dreamt of having a bread and butter store. We imagined it to be something like what you would see in France, but it was always planned for the distant future. But fate had something else in mind and here we are, our dream is slowly coming to life.

We have always baked our own breads for the Topiary and our amazing customers there are really the ones who pushed us to continue building our dream. From that Bread & Butter ADL was born. We have a passion for great tasting breads. We create our product range from primary local suppliers that grow, mill and produce right here in South Australia. We love to bake Naturally leavened sourdoughs and our specialty is our Sourdough fruit loaf.

We sell from our shop front on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at the Mt Pleasant Markets on Saturday.

Soon, we will also be selling our house churned butter by the round. For now, you can sample our salted butter and the many different flavoured butters the chefs create at the Topiary (inside Newman’s Nursery).