Plants in Barrows

Plants in Barrows, formerly Falg Nurseries Pty Ltd, is a family owned and run South Australian business that was founded in 1932, by Charles Wilhelm Otto Falg. The nursery was a way for Mr Falg to get some income during the great depression. Charles would grow flower and vegetable seedlings and sell them to his neighbours wrapped in newspaper, from his garden in West Croydon, South Australia. Sales grew and so did the business. Mr Falg’s daughter Joyce Wilton, inherited the business and moved it to the Adelaide hills some forty years ago where is still is today, run by Joyce’s daughter Marie Collett and her husband Paul and daughter Prue. Marie and Paul are very busy running their business and their daughter Prue helps out on a part time basis whilst working from home and juggling her time between her other jobs and toddler.

Falg Nurseries Pty Ltd is forever evolving from traditional bedding plant growers to following consumer demand and producing a large range of plants for the gardener, landscapers and for the hospitality industry. Their vast range includes flower and vegetable seedlings, South Australian grower for Herb Herbert herbs, Advanced herbs, ground covers, ornamental grasses, pond plants, edible aquatic plants, succulents, fruiting plants and ornamental perennials just to name a few.

All plants are grown using minimal sprays and watered with a natural water source. Falg Nurseries Pty Ltd believe in growing only what is in season and do not use heated glass houses, so that the plants ready to join customers gardens. Marie, Paul and Prue are all qualified horticulturalists with many years of knowledge between them. They enjoy nothing more than helping their customers with growing tips and trial a number of their varieties so they know what it is like to grow the plants beyond the pots and punnets first hand. Everyone’s garden is different and has different growing conditions and the Falg team like to talk to their customers at the Farmers Market and not only sell plants, but help guide their customers so they too can grow their own food and become a little more self sustainable.

Even though Marie is incredibly busy with the business she also writes an article for SA Garden and Outdoor living magazine. The magazine is produced by Jon Lamb Communications and covers all the news for each season and provides plenty of good gardening advice and information. Every now and then you can also hear her on the radio with Ashley Walsh and Jon Lambs gardening talkback show Saturdays at 830am on ABC 891.

You can find Falg Nurseries Pty Ltd on Facebook at, be sure to follow them to get some wonderful gardening tips and ideas, suited for South Australian gardens.