Fleurieu Milk Company

‘Supporting Aussie farmers!’

For many centuries Myponga, located on the foothills of the Fleurieu Peninsula, has been acknowledged as a farming community, in particular dairy farming.

In the early 2000’s the viability of owning a dairy was quickly becoming obsolete and the number of farms in Myponga had decreased from 45 to 10. Two of those farms still battling were owned by three families who knew they needed to differentiate themselves in order to survive, so in 2004 they brainstormed ideas about ways to bottle and sell their own milk, “real milk, how it used to taste”. With nothing to lose, the Fleurieu Milk Company was created.

The two farms had differing herds – one Jersey, labelled ‘Jersey Premium’ milk and the other a Friesian Holstein herd, labelled ‘Farm Fresh’ milk. Each bottle a low-fat, an homogenised and an unhomogenised milk. A closed down dairy on one of the farms became the site for the production factory and it took two years to ensure everything was in place to start bottling milk.

The Fleurieu Milk Company have expanded their range of products to include 100% natural cream, flavoured milks – chocolate, strawberry, iced coffee and a double shot iced coffee – and yoghurt made with a proven family secret recipe.

You can find The Fleurieu Milk Company products @ The Dairy Tree Stall every Saturday. Keep up to date with the stall on both Facebook and Instagram @thedairytree.au

For more detailed information about Fleurieu Milk company visit their website www.fleurieumilkco.com.au or you can keep up with all the latest by checking out their social media pages on Facebook Fleurieu Milk Company and Instagram @fleurieu_milk_company