Logisolar Dried Fruit

Tim Steele is the name of a local Mt Pleasant resident who invented a machine. A machine that uses the suns energy to save fruit that others think is too small, too big, a little ugly or maybe just not quite right. The machine is a mobile solar fruit dryer and the rejected fruit is often termed ‘rescue’ fruit. 40% of Australian fruit leaving the orchard is wasted and even more doesn’t even leave the farm. Tim produces a wide range of dried fruit from primary producers that would otherwise go to waste.

What’s even more special about Logisolar Dried Fruit is that it is 100% natural. There are no preservatives and the product is sulphur free. Occasionally vinegar or lemon juice may be used during the fruit preparation process but other than that you won’t find anything other than 100% Australian fruit in the packet.

You can find Logisolar Dried Fruit products @ The Dairy Tree Stall every Saturday. Keep up to date with the stall on both Facebook and Instagram @thedairytree.au

For more detailed information about Logisolar Dried Fruit go online to www.pres-free.com.au or check out the Facebook page at Logisolar