Stone Tree Orchards

Stone Tree Orchards has been at the MPFM since the third ever Saturday way back in 2012, previously under the name ‘Otherwood Orchards’. The name may have changed but we continue to bring you amazing tasting fruit.

High up on the back range near Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills, sits an old Stringybark tree surrounded by strong regrowth of previously cleared woodland.

In this tree there is a large stone, about two metres up, in the lower branches.

Dan Brockhoff recalls “My grandfather took us kids for regular walks around the old property. For years he had me believing his story that the tree had grown under the rock and hoisted it skywards in the process.”

In reality the rock had been ‘placed’ there through the local use of dynamite to assist with quarrying in the region.

Not far from where this tree stands is the family orchards where my brother Joel and father Peter grow tasty, minimal spray fruits.

It is a pleasure to be able to supply this fruit to the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market at our stall, ‘The Cow in the Orchard’.

Pink Lady, Fuji and Gala are now our main apple varieties, as well as several varieties of pears – all grown with love! Current juvenile trees will in future bear lemons, limes, kiwi fruit and avocado. You can expect to see these other fruits make their appearance at the MPFM in 2019-20.

You won’t see ‘Stone Tree Orchards’ on any sign around Lenswood but you will be impressed when you take a bite of our fruit. Enjoy!

Bulk orders welcome.

You can find Stone Tree Orchards produce @ The Dairy Tree Stall every Saturday. Keep up to date with the stall on both Facebook and Instagram

Dan Brockhoff M: 0458 180 303