TDM Free Range Farms

It’s not what you SEE that counts!

TDM Free Range Farms tries their best to provide the best pork for you!

Sustainable Farming – Pigs are used to remove weeds, weed seeds, and fertilise the soil.  Once the paddock is cleared we sow a fodder crop.  The pasture is then rested and later stock is brought back in to continue the paddock rotation.

No routine antibiotics used .

High Animal welfare – no teeth clipping, tail docking, pigs in paddocks at all times, PRO hand techniques used for working with stock.

No hormones used on farm.

We try to farm exactly the way kids are taught at schools to farm for the future!

We source SA local feeds/straw, transporters, farm suppliers, vets, butchers and abattoirs.

If possible we repair, recycle, reduce and reuse as much as possible, e.g. roofing iron for pig’s shelters.