The Juice Bin

Hi, my name's Shelley, and I'm the owner and creator of The Juice Bin.

The Juice Bin is a reflection of where I grew up, my passions, and my university studies.

I grew up in the agricultural fruit bowl of Waikerie along the banks of the River Murray.I have fond memories of eating the deliciously ripe 'jam' strawberries, and fruit straight from the tree when it was perfectly ripe. The Juice Bin came about from knowing that the best fruit isn't the fruit that is picked for transport and sold in big supermarkets and that the most deliciously sweet fruit is the stuff that is usually deemed to be seconds or goes to waste. So backed with 6 years of uni studying architecture, landscape architecture, planning and urban design and a little bit of saved up cash i created The Juice Bin. The concept behind it was to celebrate and promote the most delicious local seasonal produce by creating smoothies and popsicles, whilst also promoting the local growers. The design of The Juice Bin also tells a little story, as it was created by retrofitting an orange bin trailer, while the serving counter is made from oregon used to make the irrigation channels in Waikerie.

The Juice Bin uses just planted based ingredients, as well as a little local honey.

The Juice Bin will be a regular feature at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Markets up until Easter, 2016.

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